ANNOUNCEMENT effective from 2024

All US buyers are now NOT REQUIRED to possess import permit nor any paperwork to import live plants ONLY from our store.
Using our trusted Broker in the USA, we will take care of EVERYTHING. You are only charged with additional fee paid to us $2/ per 1 plant or $65/ per 1 package.
However, if you wish to personally "experience" the excitement in importing live plants, yes you can by obtaining Import Permit and Green Yellow Label.
To do so, please note that:
1. Your package will be shipped to selected PIS (in the US) for inspection as required by the US government.
2. ⁠To forward your package from PIS to your home address, you will create your own local shipping label. The inspectors will contact your preferenced carrier then they will pick up and forward to you.

OR you can pick up your package at the selected PIS yourself. If so, the local shipping label is not needed. Strongly suggest to pick it up yourself if the PIS is close as this will greatly save time/ reduce the time

*Before I send out your package, I strongly suggest to provide me with the local shipping label. I will attach it to your package.

3. We provide a step-by-step in obtaining import permit & green yellow label, please email us.